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Amazon Hack #9: Pay with Bitcoin, Save on Amazon

Get discounts of up to 33% off Amazons when you pay with Bitcoin!!! They do this by connecting people who have extra Amazon gift cards and buyers like you & me. They get Bitcoin, we get what we want for an awesome discount, quick, safe and secure.

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7 Secret Ways to Beat Amazon Prime’s $119 Fee!

Here I try to outline several ways to avoid paying for Amazon Prime and still get certain benefits. Each hack exploits different benefits of Amazon prime i.e., 2-day shipping, great prices. I hope that least one of these hacks will help you beat Amazon Prime.

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Amazon Hack #10: Promo Code Hack for Product Testers

Beware! You may end up buying idiotic things that you don’t actually need. It’s hard to say NO when that set of HDMI cables that you “may need someday” are 50, 80, or even 90 percent off. I’m not usually an impulse buyer, but when I use this promo code hack, I can’t help my self

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Amazon Price Hack for huge discounts

Find The Cheapest Item on Amazon

“Money Savings Tool to Try Before you Buy ANYTHING!” Find The Cheapest Item on Amazon by using this super easy website based Amazon hack that tracks prices on amazon and notifies you when they drop, use it for price comparison, shopping strategization and always know when you are getting the best deal

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