HACK: How to get Amazon Prime for FREE FOREVER!

Normally an Amazon prime membership is $99 a year. However AmazonHackers has discovered a clever way to lower this price to zero! But i’m not going to tell you its simple…

Amazon offers a student discount, now you’r probably thinking “well that doesn’t help me I’m not a student” Well that’s where you’r wrong.

This is how this free amazon prime hack works:

  1. In order to qualify as “a student” all you need is a .edu email address. Most Colleges, Universities and High Schools now offer .edu emails. So all faculty staff and students get a .edu email address’s.
  2. If you don’t work at a school and you are not a student, you can still get a “.edu” email. A google search will reveal literally hundreds of ways to get a “.edu” email address. Though they change all the time, new methods always arise. I am currently using one from my community college. They issued it as soon as I applied, after getting my email address I “dropped out”.
  3. You can also borrow an email address. Ask a friend or family member to borrow their .edu email address. As soon as you set up your free amazon prime membership, go into the settings and change your email to a different email address.

how to get amazon prime for free forever

  1. Get a email address that ends in “.edu”
  2. Go to the Amazon Student Sign up page.
  3. Sign up for a free 1 yr Amazon Prime Student Trial (was six months).
  4. When your trial ends, cancel your membership and get a new “.edu” email address using any of the methods found on google or as mentioned above.

This all takes a big of work but if your determined not to pay for a Prime membership, this is your best option.

Now for your question, how to get amazon prime for free forever, with a .edu Email address, Amazon will give you a whole year of Amazon Prime for free. Once that year is up you will have to get a new .edu email address and create a new account, Or pay the reduced student rate of $49 a year.

If you’re a student and you’r wondering how to get amazon prime for free college student then this hack is perfect for you. When your year ends just sign up again with a different email for example most institutions will assign up to 3 email addrss per student. One email address is your student id@collegedomain.edu The second email address will be some variation of your first and last name@collegedomain.edu and usually you can set up a third “custom” email address@collegedomain.edu. Ask your school admin for more info.

I’m the first to admit this free amazon prime hack could be a lot of work to accomplish for some, but if you can get a hold of that edu email that is better than a amazon prime membership promo code.

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