Hack: How to get FREE STUFF on AMAZON

When companies first put stuff on amazon it’s hard to get sales until customers leave reviews, and it’s hard to get customer reviews if you have no customers.

This creates a problem that Vipon has set out to solve. Vipon offers customers HUGE DISCOUNTS and FREEBIES on products from Amazon with the hope that customers will leave reviews.

This is how to get amazon items for free or at least deeply discounted.

  • Click the item you want then click “Request Deal” and you will receive your amazon coupon code, usually the amazon discount code allows you to get 60-99% off that item. But it’s not unusual to find free stuff from amazon. 
  • Vipon will let the seller know that you want the item at a discount. The seller will look at your amazon account and decide on weather they will give you an amazon discount code for the product or not. This is why its important to always leave a review. Sellers see the reviews and the better quality your reviews are the more likely they will give you free stuff from amazon.

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  • Within the next day or two visit the “deal request” link at the top of the home page of Vipon. There you will find all the deals you have requested and their status.
  • If your request is approved for an amazon discount code, Vipon will notify you and you can then accept the Discount Voucher which will revile the Amazon Promo Code.
  • Go to Amazon.com and use your amazon coupon code to receive your discount. Most items come with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime! Yay for free shipping!
  • Once you receive your Item from Amazon.com, leave an honest review of the product on Amazon. Though this step is not required, it will help you get more Amazon promo codes.
  • Vipon will allow you to get up to 75 Amazon coupon codes per month.
  • Don’t see anything you want? New Items are added every single day. Check back often because the best items go quick.
  • Leave awesome reviews and you may get into the invite only Amazon Vine Reviews program where you can get even better free products and bigger discounts from Amazon.

Some Examples of Free Stuff on Amazon that I have personally gotten with this Hack:

Tons of amazon promotional claim codes electronics Including
  • A $25 phone case for $1.50, tempered glass Screen protectors for FREE! iPhone Armbands, Chargers, and waterproof cases  for 80 to 99% off.
  •  Bluetooth headphones 95% off and Bluetooth Speakers 99% off.
  • Free Shoes from amazon, Free Clothes from amazon, Free kitchen ware from amazon,
  • Free in ear headphones, and lots more discounts and freebies like, Vitamins, Watches, Sunglasses, , Digital Cameras and more.
  • You can find tons of free products for amazon reviews. 

New items are added all the time. I love checking it everyday to see what amazon freebies I can get, it’s kind of addicting but in a good way.

What cool deals did you find? Leave a comment I want to know!!

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Thanks for reading How to Hack Amazon.

Update: October 2016
Amazon no longer allows discounts in exchange for reviews. Vipon still offers discounts but does not require you to leave a review.

P.S. On amazon reviews, If you have ever seen “I got this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review” this is how they got that product for free or cheap. However Amazon No Longer allows sellers to give products away in exchange for a review. So now Sellers give products away and “hope” for a review, but this disclaimer is no longer required.