10 Amazon Shopping Hacks for Amazon Discounts And get free stuff from Amazon

Here are 10 Amazon Shopping Hacks to help you get the most out of your Amazon Prime Account. If your good at counting you will notice I have exceeded ten items. This will be an ongoing project for a while. Please feel free to share your amazon hacks and idea’s in the comments section, and check back later for updates and new hacks.

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  • Get Amazon Cash Back on nearly every Amazon Purchase

    • There are two really great ways to get cash back when shopping on Amazon. The first is to sign up for an Amazon Credit Card. The second is to sign up for a free Ebates account. Ebates gives you cash back on select categories on Amazon. You can use Ebates to get cash back on a whole bunch Websites like Sears.
  • Get a FREE Amazon Credit

    • Chose “NO Rush Shipping” at checkout and you will get a FREE Amazon Gift card good towards any Amazon Pantry order. The great thing about this is that you can get Multiple FREE Amazon credits to apply towards Amazon Pantry items like paper towels, dry goods, and things of that nature. Click here for a short video with more info. Your amazon no rush credit balance is available by clicking here.
  • FREE 20 Dollar Amazon Gift Cards

    • Free Money from Amazon by downloading the Amazon app. Get a $5 free Amazon gift card after your first purchase. Invite 3 friends and you will have a Free $20 Amazon Gift Card, and they get 5 bucks each just for signing up. Download the Amazon App by clicking here to get your $5 Amazon Gift card and a referral link.
  • Amazon Discount “Open Box”

    • Amazon Ware House Deals: These are items that are returned, refurbished, scratched or otherwise “Open Box”. These items are added to the Amazon ware house deals. They are usually 25 to 50 percent off the normal price.
  • Amazon Clearance Items.

    • Amazon outlet: These are overstocked items, clearance items and things of that nature. In my experience these discounts vary greatly.
  • Amazon Charity

    • Amazon Smile Program: Did you know every time you shop on amazon you could be raising money for your favorite charity at no cost to you? Go to smile.amazon.com to pick your charity and every time you shop from smile.amazon.com a portion of your purchase will be donated from amazon to your favorite charity at no cost to you.
  • Get FREE Stuff from Amazon

    • Thousands of sellers offer Totally Free Stuff from Amazon: This is a whole page full of places that give away free stuff from Amazon, mostly from companies that are new to amazon and want you to try their products for FREE! Once you try it, you keep the product for FREE! Thousands of products are available across multiple websites to get amazon promo codes and amazon coupon codes click the link above and check out my multiple posts on the topic. I have gotten Free headphones from amazon, free work out clothes from amazon, free jewelry from amazon and free electronics from amazon just for trying these new products! 
  • Amazon promotional claim codes 

    • Amazon Coupons: This is an awesome place to save 10-40% almost any category on Amazon. The Amazon Coupons are super easy to use and they are broken up into 12 categories so its easy to find the right coupon. So before you go shopping check out Amazon’s coupons page for sale items, Amazon coupon codes and Amazon promo codes.
  • Amazon Subscriptions

    • Amazon Subscribe and Save: Amazon has a feature that allows you to Schedule items to be automatically delivered to your home on a weekly or monthly basis with discounts up to 15%. Change your mind? No problem, you can cancel subscribe and save anytime. To get started you can join one of many Facebook groups that share subscribe and save filler ideas and amazon promotional codes. 
  • Amazon Mom

    • Amazon Family (Formally Amazon Mom): Similarly to subscribe and save Amazon Family allows you to sign up for automatic delivery of items like diapers and baby wipes as well as other family related items. You get great discounts that are often 15% to 20% off and sometimes even more. No commitment you can cancel anytime and it’s totally free to add to your existing amazon prime account.Note: discounts offered for amazon Family and Subscribe and save tend to differ. So check each one to find the best deal.
  • How to Save Money on Amazon Prime Membership

    • Amazon Student: Are you a student? tight on money? Students get free Amazon Prime for 6 months, then it’s only $49 a year after that (Normally $99 per year) for up to 4 years. Hack: Tell them your a freshmen when you sign up to get the full 4 years at $49 per year. Not a student? well there are ways to still get Amazon Prime for half price. 
  • Amazon digital credit / Amazon no rush credit

    • Amazon Instant Video: About a year ago I got an Amazon Fire Stick for about $40 with a remote. until then I didn’t realize how many free shows, movies and songs were available on Amazon Prime Instant Video. It also has tons of paid options for when the Free selection, Netflix or Hulu just aren’t cutting it. as mentioned above, by clicking “NO-RUSH SHIPPING” at check out you can get unlimited amazon digital credit for free. Click here to check your amazon no rush credit balance.
  • Refund of Sale price

  • Amazon Daily Deals
    • Amazon has an awesome daily deals section were you can get 10-50% off just about anything! Like this discount on Amazon Echo, or literally hundreds of other products and amazon promotional codes!Amazon hack
    • Amazon Discount Codes
      Amazon Discount Codes
    • Amazon Promo Codes
      Amazon promo Codes


Hack Amazon: View Amazon Price history.

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  • Visit the Amazon Hacks SubReddit, it has some great tricks for Amazon and amazon coupons. Share your idea’s and see other’s thoughts,  Hack Amazon by clicking here.

Still Don’t have an account? starting in June 2015 receive free shipping on small, light weight items like phone accessories and cosmetics and as always if your order is over $35 you get free shipping. If I missed any Amazon features that you like to use leave me a comment below and i’ll add it to the list. Thanks for reading, Subscribe for more great Amazon Hacks and finally learn how to do online shopping right! 

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