Walmart Savings catcher by Walmart works by comparing your Walmart Grocery receipt to the advertised sales price of items in grocery stores in your area.

Pros: The service is really easy to use. Just enter your receipt number into the Walmart Savings Catcher along with the date of your visit. Usually you can get a 1-3 percent of your grocery bill back on to your Walmart account.

Cons: Often competitors price matches are missed, and only grocery and some personal care items qualify. Grocery items must be exact same brand to be eligible i.e. You cannot buy Great Value cereal and expect it to match the Price of Western Family cereal.
All in all it’s a nice service, but the savings in no way compare to couponing. But if couponing is not your thing then this is a really easy way to get some of the benefits of couponing with a fraction of the work.

But all and all the Walmart savings catcher is a thousand times easier than coupons. It matches everything automatically for you and it is way better than using walmart coupons. 

Credit: Frugal Review.