Amazon Promo Codes that WORK! Super Easy Hack for Amazon Promotional Codes!!!

If your anything like me, you hate paying full price for something when you know you can get it cheaper with a coupon, promo code or other discounts. We have all searched for Amazon promotional codes just to be disappointed by false promises and scammy websites that ask for your credit card number and other personal info. I promise that I understand your frustration because I went through the same thing.

About 6 months ago I found a way to get Amazon promo codes that work! I’ve been using this web extension called HONEY for about 6 months now and I love it! It is now one of my favorite Amazon hacks.

What is a Web Extension?

  • A web extension is essentially an App you download on your computer’s web-browser(i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer). These “apps” or extensions automate tasks and provide information. Many extensions, like HONEY, are free to download and use.

HONEY is a web browser extension (also available as an App) that provides promo codes for Amazon and other shopping websites. When you visit a site like Amazon, Walmart, Groupon or any of the other hundreds of online shopping sites within their network coupon codes are automatically applied to your purchase.

What’s HONEY Do?

HONEY notifies you when it has working Promo codes for Amazon. Click on the extension and it will tell you which items on amazon the promo codes are for. HONEY will automatically apply coupon codes for items in your cart during checkout!

By clicking the HONEY Extension icon, you can manually view working Amazon promo codes at anytime (see pic below), or continue to checkout and HONEY will automatically apply the Amazon coupon codes for you!

Another great feature of HONEY is the price checking feature. HONEY will automatically notify you when it finds a better price on Amazon. In my WikiBuy vs HONEY review, HONEY found the same product at a better price 40% of the time! In my experience Honey has about 30 new amazon promo codes that work every day.

HONEY also gives you cash back on purchases. Usually the cash back is between 1-10% of your total purchase. You don’t need to do anything extra once the extension/app is installed besides click OK when you see the cash back notification.

  • NOTE: in my experience, the Ebates Button got more cash back than the HONEY ext. You can have both extensions installed at the same time! But overall HONEY works better on Amazon.

The best feature of this extension is the pleasant surprises! I can’t count how many times I was about to buy something and the extension popped up and let me know I could save 25% on my purchase by applying amazon promotional claim codes or selecting another buyer!

HONEY is super helpful without being too intrusive. It literally takes 3 clicks to install and its super easy to use! Click here to give it a try!

See how HONEY Compares to other coupon extensions

This hack doesn’t just get you amazon promotional codes, HONEY works even better at Walmart, BestBuy, Staples, and lots of obscure oddball sites. For example I was getting text book from, and out of no where I got a discount of $35 by apply a promo code that HONEY suggested. It’s like I said, the best part of this extension is the surprise savings!

The extension shows up as a tiny little icon in the top right corner of your web browser. When you go to a site that has a working promo code, the extension icon will blink to let you know. Keep in mind this is a picture of just one way to use HONEY.

Update:This is one of my favorite Amazon Coupon Code Hacks. Use HONEY to find Amazon beauty promo codes and Amazon shoes promo codes! And don’t forget HONEY works even better on, Zappos, Macy’s, Kohl’s and more! Learn how to hack amazon, visit for more.