Nothing is better than getting money from Amazon. If you know where to look you can find all kinds of Amazon hidden deals and bonus’s. This is possibly the easiest Amazon hack for free gift cards that I have ever discovered.

The deal changes from time to time but right now you can get a $5 credit for your next purchase on Amazon Pantry when you choose no-rush shipping at check out.

Today’s deal was a $5 credit towards your first order on Amazon Pantry, Other times I’ve gotten $1 to $5 in free amazon gift cards that where good towards certain categories on Amazon like eBooks, digital music and videos.

If you have multiple items, try to ring each item up separately. Amazon will usually let you get multiple Amazon Discount codes each day.


Notice the $15 Amazon Promotional credit? Click here to find out how you can get Amazon Promo codes like this.

Not everything on Amazon qualifies for this Amazon hack. Out of the last 25 items that I bought on Amazon, 9 provided the option to get an Amazon bonus for no rush shipping.   Last week I made 3 purchases that qualified for the Amazon Bonus that is a total of $15 in free Amazon credits. But I cant use them all at once! Each Amazon Pantry order can have a maximum of $5 in Amazon credits and any remaining credits will need to be used with another Amazon Pantry purchase.

Amazon’s description on the no rush shipping program is as follows:  amz-no-rush

Their are a ton of amazon shopping secrets still to be discovered. Check out my blog for more.  Check out this quick video for more info.