BEST Amazon Shopping Secret EVER! GET HUGE Discounts On Amazon!

I’m very excited to finally write about Purse. It’s an awesome Amazon hack that I discovered about 6 months ago. I’ve used it to buy tools, clothes, electronics and more all at 25% off (on Average, sometimes more!). It’s a truly amazing concept that provides a win-win service for people who want to get rid of Amazon credits earned from Amazon Turk or Bing rewards, and people like you and me, who want to save money on Amazon.

Purse allows shoppers to get huge Amazon discounts of 25% or more on ANY THING SOLD ON AMAZON!  Your NOT limited to certain categories or items. You can buy anything you want that’s available on Amazon! (A couple exceptions like “used items” are listed at the bottom of this page).

After you get your Purse account set up its super easy to use! You can get up to 33 percent off anything at Amazon! However, I have yet to get anything at 33% off. Like I said, my Amazon discounts average about 25% when I use purse, That’s why this is my favorite Amazon hack of all time!

How can Purse offer up to 33% off?

Lots of people around the world are paid in amazon credits to do programming, data entry, and other tasks. This creates a surplus of Amazon credits and people are willing to pay full price on Amazon to get 75% back in Bitcoin. That’s right, Bitcoin, but don’t worry Purse has made it super easy to buy and use Bitcoin. See my help section at the bottom of this post for more on how to buy bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin is an online only currency, It’s universal and very easy to use. To learn more about bit coin and how to use it see “Help” at the bottom of this post.

How Do I Get Started?

There are two great ways to get discounts Amazon through Purse.

  1. Up to 7 percent off anything at Amazon INSTANTLY: this is called the “Buy Now” method.
  2. The second method requires you to place a bid for the amount your willing to pay for the item and sooner or later someone will buy it for you. This is called “Name Your Discount”. In my experience if you request a discount of 25% it usually takes about 1 to 3 days for someone to buy it for you. The bigger the discount you ask for the longer it takes. Discount requests of 15% are usually filled that same day in my experience.

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Purse offers an instant discount of 5 – 7 percent on anything from Amazon using the “Buy Now” option. It’s super easy to hack Amazon with purse to get anything you want at an instant discount of 5%. Just use the search bar on the main shopping page of purse and anything you want from Amazon will pop up along with the Amazon price and the amount of the purse discount.

How to get Amazon Discounts of 5 Percent off EVERYTHING! 

Quickly and easily get 5-7 percent off anything in Amazon’s inventory. Just follow these easy steps to get started!

  1. Create an Account on purse and upload Bitcoin (See “Help” at bottom of this post).
  2. Search for a product using the purse search bar.
  3. Select the product and purchase through Purse using your Bitcoin.
  4. Amazon will send your item to the address you chose on purse.
  5. You will get your product right away, just like you would if you ordered directly from Amazon.
  6. After you receive the product, Purse will subtract the Bitcoin from your account.

And since your Amazon account is never used in this transaction this is a great way to secretly order something on amazon. 

How to get Amazon Discounts of 15-30% on ANYTHING!

The “Name Your Price” option at Purse is the best way to get huge discounts on stuff from Amazon. You can use purse to hack Amazon for as much as 30% off anything! Though I’ve had the best luck around 20-25%.

Follow these instructions to get HUGE discounts on anything from Amazon!

  1. Create an Account on purse and upload Bitcoin (See “Help” at bottom of this post).
  2. Go to Amazon and add the item you want, to your wish list. (See “Help” at bottom of this post)
  3. Click the Icon called “Name Your Discount” and past the link to your Amazon wishlist.
  4. Select the discount you want using the easy to use scroll bar. You can get a discount of 10-30 percent off anything in Amazons Inventory. (see exceptions at the bottom of this post).
  5. Place order on Purse.
  6. When someone has purchased the item from Amazon, you will be notified by purse.
  7. Once you receive the package and everything checks out. Purse will withdraw bitcoins from your purse account.

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After you complete one order and you have got the hang of things it’s actually super easy to save 25% on Amazon using this hack. It’s one of my favorite Amazon hacks that I’ve discovered so far. There are a ton of amazon hidden deals on AmazonHackers, if you enjoyed this post please check out the rest of my blog.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment. Thanks for learning how to save money on amazon!

How can Amazon take bitcoin? 

Technically it can’t, but you can buy from Amazon with Bitcoin if you use Purse.


Buying Bitcoin, Uploading to your account, and then placing a bid may seem a bit overwhelming but Purse has laid out step by step instructions with pictures to make doing each step super easy! After you create your account click the menu icon (top right) and click “Support” search for “How do I Buy Bitcoin on Coin Base” and “Link Coin Base to Purse” and “Use name your discount” these three helpful articles with pictures should cover any questions you have. If you still have questions check out Dr. Lupo’s YouTube video at and if you still have questions please leave me a comment or reach out on Twitter @Amazonhackers and I will do my best to get an answer for you.

Purse is available in most countries!

Things that Can’t Be bought on Purse:

Digital Items, Subscriptions, Warranties, Prime-Only Deals, Add-on items and used items