Review: The BEST AMAZON HACKS for Promo Codes, Coupons, Discounts, Price Comparisons and More!

I wanted to find out which Google Chrome Extension would save me the most money with Amazon. I’ve been using extensions on my web browser for months now but they never seem to work on Amazon, so I set out to find some that do. I knew from the beginning that the most likely winners would be Honey vs Ebates. I was kind of right but there was a twist that I didn’t see! Wikibuy vs Honey!

What is a Web Extension?

  • A web extension is essentially an App you download on your computer’s web-browser(i.e. Firfox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer). These “apps” or extensions automate tasks and provide information. In my tests I was looking for extensions that apply coupon codes for you at check out, Compare prices with various sellers, or automatically apply cash back, if available, every time you shop online.

I tested each Chrome Extension on the same set of 20 products. I tried to be consistent by testing all extensions within a short period of time to avoid price changes and I used the same Amazon Sellers for each test.

The combined price of all the products tested in this amazon hack came to approximately $2,225 though the total changed just a bit during my test due to fluctuating prices on Amazon.

I expected that there would be at least one extension that would outperform the others but I had no idea which one it would be. I had never used most of these extensions until now.


Well actually, Wikibuy was the winner. Alone it saved 23.88% or $495 of the $22 across all 20 products I tested. When I combined it with HONEY I saved almost 30%!!!

Rank Extension Savings Average Saved  Saved Money On (of 20) Works Best With 
#1 WikiBuy $495.00 23.88% 17 items HONEY, Ebates (signup only)
#2 Honey $234.00 6.80% 8 items WikiBuy
#3 PriceBlink $416.00 19.04% 12 items HONEY, EBATES, WikiBuy
#4 Price Scout $168.00 7.60% 9 items HONEY, EBATES, WikiBuy
#5 Ebates Button $0 unless used with WikiBuy 0 (unless its used with WikiBuy) 0 WikiBuy, HONEY, PriceBlink
#6 ShopBack Cashback Button 0 0 0
#7 Coupons At Checkout 0 0 0
#8 SideKick By Coupon Cabin 0 0 0
#9 PromoFly  0 Shut Down  0

#1 WikiBuy Review:

Worked Best with HONEY, EBATES and pretty well with PriceBlink

Get $10 + 10% Cashback for connecting your Ebates account. Earn another $5 for downloading the Wikibuy Extension. Click here to sign up for a free Ebates account before you download Wikibuy.

Before this, I had never used WikiBuy and I was shocked by how well it worked on Amazon. In my WikiBuy review I saved money on 17 of the 20 products in my test. This was a great Amazon price Hacker!

You can earn $5 by creating a free WikiBuy account using my Link. Note: I do not receive any commissions from WikiBuy.

Wikibuy found a working Amazon promo code on one occasion (a feature that works much better on other websites like Sears, Khols, and other shopping sites)  but it primarily works by referring you to alternative websites with the same product your looking for at a better price. The majority of the time I was referred to Wiki buy’s own website, Ebay, Jet, Sears, Walmart or a couple other sites.

WikiBuy failed when it came to comparing prices within Amazon. On several occasions I had unknowingly pulled up a product that was being sold on amazon by different seller for less. Thankfully this was the one category Honey excelled in and HONEY works great when installed with WikiBuy.

Ebates is integrated into WikiBuy, if you’re not familiar with Ebates it’s a free shopping tool that will earn you cashback at places like Ebay, Sears, Jet and thousands of other retailers. Nearly every time WikiBuy Recommended a seller outside of Amazon, I earned a cash back bonus. To earn cashback through Ebates create an account here (no need to download Ebates Button if your using WikiBuy), then when you sign up for WikiBuy, you will be asked for your Ebates information.

#2 HONEY Review:

Worked well with WikiBuy, Ebates, and PriceBlink

Honey is a chrome extensions that automatically applies coupon codes, discount codes and cash back when you shop at just about any online retailer. Though in my test it did not apply any coupon codes on Amazon, It did excel in finding alternative Amazon Retailers with a better price than the one you’re looking at. As noted earlier this is one area WikiBuy did not do well in. if you had to choose WikiBuy vs HONEY, I would say WikiBuy, but both worked great when installed together.

This was the Only extension that found me discounts on Amazon. (all other extensions that worked referred me to a different websites).

HONEY found a cheaper price than Amazon on 8 of the 20 items in my test, but no amazon promotional claim codes which is what its usually known for.

HONEY was helpful without being too intrusive. It was there when it found a better deal and I hardly noticed it otherwise. HONEY was also great at getting me shopping discounts on sites other than Amazon. HONEY offers you cash back and coupon codes at thousands of online retailers.

The cash back is different from Ebates, so check with each extension to see which one offers the best Cashback in each situation. In my experience Honey has better coupon codes than Ebates, but Ebates has better cash back. I use both very often.

Find out how to get 50-90 Percent off select product at Amazon!

#3 PriceBlink Review:

PriceBlink was a lot like Wikibuy in the sense that it suggested stores with the same product you’re looking for at a lower price. In my experiment WikiBuy was more effective and provided referrals to better known sites. I also liked the user interface on WikiBuy just a bit more than PriceBlink.

With PriceBlink you would need to install a separate Ebates Button to get cash back. With WikiBuy there is no need to install a separate Ebates Button to earn cash back and since so many of the referral sites are within the Ebates network this was kind of a big deal in my opinion.

Note: If you use WikiBuy you do not need to download the Ebates Button, but you DO need to create an Ebates account.

Alternative buying options where available for nearly every product in the test. However on several occasions the alternate buying option turned out expired, a different product  or otherwise impractical to use.

For example: I searched for a text book on Amazon and PriceBlink said they had found it for a fraction of the price. However the version they were trying to sell me was the International version which may or may not work for some students. When I searched for the Coleman tent on Amazon, again it claimed to have found the precise tent I was looking for at a better price. However the color pattern was different which made me think it was a discontinued model. Another time it suggested the same product in a smaller quantity at a lesser value. Overall 8 of the 20 items in my test, PriceBlink suggested a product or price that I felt was incorrect or miss-represented. I didn’t have this problem with any other extension.

PriceBlink also failed when it came to comparing prices within Amazon. On several occasions I had unknowingly pulled up a product that was being sold on amazon by different seller for less. Thankfully this was the one category Honey excelled in.

Though the savings with Price Blink where really good and almost as good as WikiBuy I chose to rank it as #3 instead of #2 because of its similarity to WikiBuy and because the websites I was referred to where not always well known. Also it wasted my time with unhelpful recommendations. This PriceBlink review was my first experience with this plugin. I did like it, but I liked some of the other plugins better.

#4 PriceScout Review:

Like PriceBlink and WikiBuy, PriceScout succeeded in this review by referring me to alternate websites with the same product at a better price than Amazon’s.

PriceScout found 2 Amazon discounts that where better than any other extension I tried. Other than that, it was exactly like PriceBlink, except not as good. The user interface was identical other than the color and it was flawed in many of the same ways that PriceBlink was flawed. I liked the UI (user interface) of WikiBuy much more than PriceScout

PriceScout worked well when installed with WikiBuy and HONEY but because it was so similar to PriceBlink the two extensions clashed in several ways.

PriceScout found a website with a better price than Amazon on 8 of 20 occasions. Like PriceBlink, This PriceScout Review was my first time using this extension. It will Probably be my last.

#5 Ebates Button Review:

Worked well with WikiBuy, HONEY and PriceBlink

The Ebates Button works by alerting you when your visit a shopping site within their network. When you make a purchase from a site within their network like JCPenny, Sears, Jet or any of the thousands of other stores, you earn cash back. The cash back is 1-25 percent on anything purchase from that site.

But Ebates works a little differently on Amazon. cash back on Amazon is only available on certain categories and they change often. Typically Ebates offers around 3% cash back on Amazon. None of the items within my test qualified for cash back. However when used in conjunction with WikiBuy I was able to get cash back on many occasions throughout this experiment but these cashback savings where not calculated into my results.

Ebates is already integrated into the WikiBuy extension. All you need to do is create an Ebates account and WikiBuy will take care of the rest.

This Ebates button review is not the first time I’ve used it. In fact it was my favorite button until I discovered Wikibuy, Now i’ve deleted my Ebates button but still keep Ebates connected to my Wikibuy extension so I can get the Cash back when its offered.

Ebates is still great for finding clothing Promo Codes and other online shopping Discount codes.

#6 ShopBack Cashback Button Review:

I’m sure the ShopBack CashBack Button works well on other websites, but I did not find any way to use this extension to save on Amazon. But they do give you a $5 discount on any purchase just for signing up! This ShopBack Review was the first time I had used the extension.

#7 Coupons At Checkout Review:

I’m sure Coupons At Checkout works well on other websites, but I did not find any way to use this extension to save on Amazon. This Coupons at Checkout Review was the first time I had used the extension.

#8 SideKick by Coupon Cabin Review:

I’m sure SideKick works well on other websites, but I did not find any way to use this extension to save on Amazon.

#9 PromoFly Review:

PromoFly closed its doors for good according to their Facebook page.

Wikibuy Vs Honey

I opted to use both Honey and Wikibuy, they work great together and both offer unique features not available on any other extension. Honey didn’t save me as much money but it’s price tracking capability along with it’s coupon code suggestions are invaluable tools that I use every time I shop on

That’s all the working automatic Amazon promo code extensions I could find. If you know of an amazon hack extension that works, just leave me a comment and I’ll give it a try. Check out our home page for more amazon discount hacks and amazon hidden deals and amazon promotional claim codes!