Find The Cheapest Item on Amazon

Update June 2018: Honey now does the exact same thing and helps you find the cheapest item on Amazon with their Chrome extension. If your interested in tracking prices of Amazon products I would recommend checking out Honey.

I’ve been using the web extension for about a month and it’s been great! Every time I’m on Amazon I can easily Find The Cheapest Item on Amazon. When I was reviewing money saving web-extensions, the prices on Amazon where changing so fast I hardly had time keeping everything straight. I saw the average price of about 20 items change 8% in one day! One product (a $200 dollar camera) changed prices so many times I had to remove it from my experiment.

Fortunately I don’t have to worry about these price changes when I shop on Amazon because I use CamelCamelCamel!

I’ve written about amazon discount finders before but this one is very unique.

CamelCamelCamel is a website (also available as a web-extension) that can show you the price history of any product sold on Amazon.

Time called it A  “Money Savings Tool to Try Before you Buy ANYTHING!”.

How to use camelcamelcamel’s Amazon Price Checker

  1. Go to
  2. Pull up a product of your desire on Amazon.
  3. Copy the URL from Amazon and paste it into the search bar of CamelCamelCamel.
  4. CamelCamelCamel will display a graph of the Price history Use the graph to check the price history before you buy!
Amazon shopping Hack
Find the best time to buy on Amazon.

Optional features of camelcamelcamel

  1. Add wish list: track the prices of everything in your Amazon wish list.
  2. Price tracker/watch: Keep a running list of items to price watch.
  3. Notifcations: Get Amazon price alerts every time the Amazon Price Checker detects a drop in price!


The web extension is super easy to use.

  1. While on Amazon the extension turns brown.
  2. Click the extension and it will show you a price chart of the product on your current page.
  3. You can download the Web Extension on the google play store.

That’s it, your all ready to set up Amazon price alerts, check Amazon price history and find amazing amazon deals!

I’ve been using the extension for a while now and I LOVE IT! It has become one of my regular Amazon hacks that I use every time I shop on Amazon.

Knowing the price history really helps my purchase anxiety. I know right away if I’m paying too much, or if I should wait to buy from Amazon.

It’s been great having the extension installed on my computer. Every time I want to buy something on amazon I can easily check to make sure its the best time to shop.


Note: I didn’t receive any commission from CamelCamelCamel for writing this article. I just thought it was a cool Amazon hack so I wanted to share it.