Review VS Amazon: Which is better?

I’m really excited to be setting up a planted aquarium again. So I thought I would take this opportunity to do an in-depth review of vs. Amazon. Mostly I’ll be looking for light fixtures and fitting, filtration, gravel, decorations ext.

What is is an online retailer that was launched in April of 2014 and was acquired by Walmart for 3.3 Billion dollars. Needless to say, a lot of people think Jet is going to cut into Amazon’s business. 43% of everything that is sold online is sold through Amazon. So if Jet can hack into this market share, it could be HUGE!

That’s why Jet is offering things like Promo codes for 45% off any one item! Or 15% off your first 3 purchases. They are desperate to get people to switch from Amazon to Jet. The promo code, courtesy of Honey, is “yougotthatright”. (still valid as of 4-27-2017)

UPDATE: This promo code is no longer available, but there are still tons of promo codes available for up to 50% off at (See Pro: #2 below)

With this in mind, I decided that it was time to try Jet and see if I could find the things I need for my new Aquarium. While doing so, I’ve compiled two lists.

  • One list of things I liked about
  • One list of things I didn’t like so much

Of course, Amazon is the gold standard here. So if I say I did or didn’t like something, that is to say, compared to Amazon. I found a similar in-depth review of vs. Amazon by The Deal Guy Click here to watch his video!

Things I liked about shopping on Compared to Amazon

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Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

#1 My Beloved Shopping Plugins Work better on JET than they do on Amazon!!!!

It’s no secret that a lot of my Promo codes come from either Honey or Ebates. Both work great on Amazon for getting up to 3% Cashback, finding promo codes, checking price history of just about any item, and getting automatic price comparisons.

I have found way more Promo Codes on JET by using HONEY, and I’ve gotten over twice as much cashback per purchase using Ebates!

Despite some of the cones that I mention later, It is well worth your time to use Honey and Ebates on Jet before going straight to Amazon.

To start saving a ton of money by using plugins, click Here for Honey, then Click here for Ebates. Create your free account, and you will be prompted to download the plugins onto your favorite web browser. That’s it! You will be notified when Promo Codes, Better Prices, or Cashback is available!

I use both plugins at the same time, often one will have a deal that the other does not. To date, I have saved/earned cashback a total of $725 by using these two plugins!

#2 Discount for forfeiting free return option

Every purchase comes standard with free returns. However, if you opt-out of having the opportunity to return something, you can get a small discount.

In the items that I looked at, the discounts were less than 1%. Not something that made me super excited but an interesting approach none the less. I didn’t opt out of my free returns, but I did like having the option.

If you opt-out of free returns, you can still return any item as usual, except you have to pay for return shipping. So you can save a few cents, but you risk having to spend a few dollars. 

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#3 Discount for using a debit card (instead of a credit card)

Like opting out of free returns, this option didn’t save me a whole lot of money.

Since I was going to use a debit card anyway, I was happy to receive a discount of about one half of a percent. I know it’s small, but it’s still one of my favorite hacks.

#4 very comparable prices to Amazon

Articles like this one from TIME suggested that you can save a ton of money by shopping on Despite it being listed as one of the few websites cheaper than amazon, I thought they were pretty much the same.

However, there were a few exceptions. Some aquarium gravel specially designed for Aquatic plants was almost twice as much on Jet than it was on Amazon.

That was the only major exception I found. For the most part, everything was about the same price. If you bought multiples, used a debit card, or opted out of free returns, Jet was consistently just a little cheaper than Amazon.

#5 Jet offers discounts for buying multiples of the same item.

Aquariums need special lighting. One of these aquarium light bulbs offered a discount for buying in bulk. 

The discount increased for each additional light you purchased. There was almost a 9% discount for buying five of these smaller aquarium lights. ( see picture below)

Things I didn’t Like about shopping on Jet compared to Amazon

#1 Selection was small

The selection was kinda weak, but it will probably grow quickly because of the Walmart acquisition. I only found a few aquarium lights, and the other fish keeping accessories had a poor selection as well. Amazon, on the other hand, had 10’s if not hundreds of both aquarium lights and other aquarium products.

#2 FREE shipping on orders over 35 dollars

This could be a good thing or a bad thing. I like paying my NOTHING for my Amazon Prime (click to see how I get Amz Prime for FREE). Also, I make a lot of small purchases, so it would be inconvenient for me to wait till they add up to $35.

#3 Their website is purple

Ok ok, actually I think Jet’s website has a beautiful look, I just felt like a cons list of 2 was to short so I made one up…… So I guess that says a lot about Jet!!! Overall it was a great experience if I could find what I was looking for.

How does compare to Amazon?

Amazon vs. Jet: Overall, it is undoubtedly worth trying everything Jet offers while these awesome promo codes are still active. But until Jet’s shopping selection is bigger, I will probably wait to cancel my Amazon Prime membership. So, for now, I would have to say, when it comes to vs. Amazon, I would still pick amazon. But Jet is usually a better deal if you buy in bulk, Use HONEY or use EBATES.