Amazon Hack #22: How to WATCH FREE MOVIES on Amazon Fire Stick (Even New Releases!)

I haven’t paid for a movie on Amazon in over 2 years because I use this hack for free Amazon movie credits every time I shop on Amazon. The instructions are super easy and here is a link to a video if you’re a visual learner. Since I  learned how to watch free movies on amazon fire stick I have been stuck to my TV. I watch new releases that normally cost $2-$10 but I don’t pay a dime. 

Basically this is the easiest Amazon Hack in the world. All you do is choose “No-Rush” shipping at check out. In exchange for waiting 6 days instead of 2 you get a movie credit worth $1! (some times this changes, I have seen $5 promos and $1 promos) May not seem like much, but when you split your order of 3 up into separate transactions you can start to see how these Amazon movie credits really add up.

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To check your No-Rush Shipping balance on Amazon follow this link.

My friends at SheFinds has a great article that covers this Amazon discount hack in more detail.

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