Amazon Hack #7: Get paid to review products on Amazon ($500+ per review!!!)

Most of the Amazon Hacks I share are for the general public. But this one is for the influencers. You may have  a popular twitter account, or a Youtube channel with several thousand followers or Maybe you have a blog. Whatever the case, if you have a following this ones for you. If you don’t have a following but you still want free stuff from Amazon, Don’t worry I got you covered!!! click here.  If you want to Get paid to review products on Amazon keep reading on. is a pretty sweet gig. The company connects influencers like bloggers, Vloggers and social media hounds to share unboxings and post overall product reviews. Some of these products pay over $1000 for an unboxing video! and that’s not including the free stuff you get to keep. Tomoson does not have an affiliate program so i’m not being paid to write this post. I just think its cool How to use Tomoson to Get paid to review products Amazon: 

How to get things from Amazon for FREE!

  1. You need a following on Twitter, Youtube, FB or a blog. If you don’t have a following but you still want free stuff from Amazon, Don’t worry I got you covered!!! click here.If you have a following that you are willing to promote things to, then Click here or go to You will need to create a free account and do  all that Jazz. If you don’t see something similar to the pic below then Go to “Dashboard” in the top right corner.Link your social media, Blogs ext. by clicking “Media Kit” on the left menu bar. Here you can connect your social media, and select the payment range you want for each paid promo. Click here for a Tomoson sponsored tutorial that covers all the basics of the media kit. Click “Campaigns” on the middle left tool bar. You will see 5 tabs near the top of your screen. Click “Paid”Start applying for paid promotions on this page. (see screen shot below for an example) 

tomoson2Sellers pick who they want to review products. So if your new to reviewing products it may be a good idea to do a few unpaid videos so sellers can see your work. Start on the tab called “Easy Approvals” to get your feet wet with being an Amazon product tester, make a couple unboxing videos and move on to the paid gigs. In the past, there where a lot more ways to write reviews for money. But Amazon changed their policies and it has become more difficult to get paid to write reviews for Amazon products. If you want deeply discounted items from Amazon then you will want to visit “Best Amazon hacks Ever” section of the menu bar. To learn how to get stuff from Amazon for free, Follow us on Twitter @AmazonHackersAsk questions and see what people are saying about Tomoson on Reddit:  

Amazon Hack
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