Amazon Hack #10: Promo Code Hack for Product Testers

Beware, you may end up buying really stupid shit that you don’t actually need. It’s hard to say NO when that set of HDMI cables that you “may need someday” are 50, 80 or even 90 percent off. I’m not usually an impulse buyer, but when I use this promo code hack I just can’t help my self.

I’m sure you want to jump in with two feet, but hold on a second! There are a few things that are good to know before you get sucked into the perpetual shopping loop that awaits you.

Summary of this Promo Code Hack!

  • Jumpsend has Amazon promo codes for 50 – 90% off or more
  • They do this to help launch new products on Amazon. Sellers hope that by giving you a promo code that you will leave a review on Amazon
  • You will want to clean up your Amazon account before requesting stuff
  • Add your phone number ( they need this to verify you are not a robot)
  • Add your Amazon account (highly recommend)
  • Add their chromed web extension (optional)
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Promo code hack
Actual Screenshot of my deals inside Jumpsend

What is Jumpsend?

Jumpsend has a ton of services and products for Amazon Sellers. One of those services is to help Amazon Sellers make their first few sales of a new product line. One of the many ways they do that is by offering huge discounts to buyers like you and me. The sellers hope to get feedback both as Amazon reviews and through customer feedback directly to the company.

After signing up and signing in, it’s super intuitive. Browse their site, Select things you want and request them. if the seller approves your request then you will get a notification in the “Selected Deals” section. You will also get an Amazon promo code along with a link the requested item. Use the promo code at checkout to receive your Amazon discount and/or free stuff.

What You Need to Know to for this Promo Code Hack

1: Prep your Amazon Account(very important)

Many of the Amazon promo codes for free stuff are available to anyone on Jumpsend. Nothing extra or special is really required. But the best things are saved for people who have a fantastic review history on their Amazon account. That doesn’t mean all your reviews are five stars, it just means your reviews are descriptive have pictures and your reviews are at least a paragraph or even two long. Even if you have never “tested” a product before, go back to order history and leave some reviews for things you have bought in the past. Again, be honest and descriptive in your reviews.

2: Add your phone number (very important)

After you sign up, you will want to click Deals on the top menu bar. Once here click on your profile icon in the top right corner (pictured below). This is where among other things you will want to add your phone number. I swear I have not had any calls or annoying text. the only reason I suggest this is because I noticed I started getting approved for more things after adding it. Also, Jumpsend says this helps them identify real people vs bots.

promo code hack

3: Add the chrome extension (maybe important, IDK)

Full disclosure, I haven’t added their extension. I was afraid it would interfere with my beloved Honey extension and I wouldn’t want to mess that up. But if your really wanting to maximize your chances of being approved for stuff then you may want to consider downloading it.

4: Connect your Amazon account (most important)

This is important, Amazon sellers will want to look at your account to see if your review style is aligned with what they are looking for. Some sellers will want real, valid feedback. I suspect most will want to see that your not overly critical, and go into some details about what you like or dislike. If you don’t link your Amazon account you will almost certainly miss out on the best stuff.

By doing the 4 things mentioned above you will not only maximize your chances of getting approved but also unlock more deal requests. Jumpsend sets a limit to the number of deal requests you can have in your queue. With a little work, you can have up to 40 requests in your queue at one time, which means more free stuff!

I think that about all you really need to know to get started on Jumpsend. Please subscribe, and check out our Videos and Twitter feed @AmazonHackers

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Here is a quick list of things I got on Amazon for less than a dollar. they include free electronics, Kitchen stuff, clothes & shoes, jewelry, outdoor stuff and more.

  • work out bands: I paid $1, normally Up to $29.99
  • Aquarium Heater: Paid 15 cents, normally $9.99
  • Bluetooth Speaker: paid $1, normally $29.99
  • Headphones: Paid FREE, normally $9.00
  • Running Shoes: Paid FREE, normally $45.00
  • Coffee French Press: Paid $1, normally $22.99
  • Yoga Mat: Paid $1, normally $12.99
  • Garden hose: Paid FREE, normally $27.99
  • And many many more!