7 Secret Ways to Beat Amazon Prime’s $119 Fee!

Of course, you can always use Amazon without the Prime benefits but here I outline several ways to avoid paying for Amazon Prime and still get certain benefits. Each hack exploits different benefits of Amazon prime (price, 2-day shipping, wide selection ext) Hopefully at least one of these hacks will help you beat Amazon Prime.

Discounts for Qualifying EBT or Medicaid Card Holders

Qualifying persons with an EBT or Medicaid card can get Amazon prime for $5.99. Same perks and service just a lower price for those who need it most.

Pay with Bitcoin, Get 5% off instantly 2-day shipping, NO Prime Membership required.

One of my favorite Amazon Hacks is Purse. You don’t need an Amazon Prime membership to get two-day shipping and an instant discount of 5% on nearly anything you can find on Amazon (There are exceptions like gift cards, digital, used stuff ext). If you have time to wait you can use the name your price feature. This allows you to request things for up to 33% off. It may take 2 or 3 weeks for high discount items to be fulfilled. This is a great Amazon Prime shipping hack because the order never actually goes through your account. It’s great for keeping birthday and Holiday gifts secret on Amazon. Learn more about Purse here.

Added Bonus of Purse: Hide Amazon Purchases from Spouse

An added benefit of Purse is that it’s a great way to keep gifts secret on Amazon. It’s almost like an Amazon Incognito mode because it never ships through your Amazon account (though it still comes from Amazon).

Half Price Amazon Prime for Students

Amazon Student is pretty great if you qualify for it, you get 6 months of free Amazon Prime then about half off your membership for up to 4 years. There are a few things that are not available on Amazon Student but you get the basics of Amazon Prime. Just sign up for Amazon student with an email that ends in “.edu“. This is all that is required for the Amazon Student subscription.

Pay Monthly Only When You Need It

Amazon Prime offers a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. The monthly cost is $12.99, compared to the annual cost of $99 it’s a bit steep. But if you only need prime around the Holidays then it is well worth the effort to start it up in November and Cancel at the end of December.

If your really frugal, you could beat Amazon Prime by using their Free 30 day trial. Use Amazon Prime free for 30 days, cancel your subscription before the trial is up. then next time (or season) that you need amazon prime sign up for another 30 trial. In my experience, if your account has been canceled for 90 days, you can sign up using the same email and get the free trial. Otherwise, you may need to use a different email address every time you sign up.

Pick and choose what you want.

Some of the perks of Amazon Prime can be purchased on their own. It’s not very cost-effective unless you only want one of the services Amazon offers and not any of the others. Below is a list of some of the things you can buy separately as well as a few things you can’t buy on their own.

  • Amazon Prime Video solo subscription $8.99/Month, Free with Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Prime Music Unlimited solo subscription $9.99/Month only $7.99 with Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Drive and Photo storage
  • Subscribe and save is Free with or without Amazon Prime. Get up to 15% off recurring orders

Below are a hand full of things that cannot be bought separately or without an Amazon Prime Subscription

  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Family
  • Amazon Pantry

Use a Double Hack to Easily Find the Best Prices and Beat Amazon Prime!

This Amazon shopping cart trick is a little complex but if executed properly Non-Prime members can find prices of 10 to 35 percent less than what Amazon Prime members would pay. It’s a two-step process so hang in there with me.

Part 1: Download the WIkibuy web extension. I know everyone hates web extensions (or at least I know I do) but this one is worth it! We are going to use Wikibuy for its search function which works great on Amazon. Wikibuy is a chrome extension that finds better prices at other retailers automatically when you shop on Amazon.

after downloading, Go on to Amazon and search for whatever it is your shopping for. Wikibuy will almost always come up with buying suggestions. Some of these suggestions are on the Wikibuy website (which you don’t need prime to use) and you can complete your purchase right there and then. You can even pay with Paypal!

The really big savings starts when you integrate Wikibuy with Ebates.

Part 2: Create your free Ebates account, collect your $10 gift card for joining and sign in.

When Wikibuy takes you to stores outside of Amazon such as Walmart.com or Bestbuy.com, Ebates really starts shine. Ebates is a cashback referral site. It works by “referring” customers to online stores and in exchange, they get a commission on whatever you buy and then they split that commission with you in the form of Cash Back! I regularly see shops with cashback of 20%! Especially around the Holidays.

When Wikibuy sends you to a store outside of Amazon or Wikibuy, Ebates will almost certainly have a cashback program available. To use Ebates, got to their site, sign in, and search for the website that had the item you want. Let us use Bestbuy.com as an example. If you search Best Buy on Ebates, a page will pop up that will tell you the current cashback promotion for that store and a Click here link that will take you to Bestbuy. Continue shopping like usually, check out on Best Buy and Ebates will keep track of that one purchase and send you a Big Fat Check in a few weeks.

By combining these two hacks I have saved on Average 20+ percent over Amazon. (I even tested this all out and published my finding here)

Get Amazon Family

Households can share most Amazon Prime memberships through Amazon Family. Learn more about Amazon Family here. If all you really want is two-day shipping then lets state the obvious! find a friend or family member and get their PW. Amazon will ship to many different addresses’ and you can have different credit cards on file. The other benefits may not be available to you if you’re borrowing a password from a friend or family member but if you can get it for free then who cares! In my experience, Amazon has been pretty lenient when it comes to sharing your PW.